A Structural Assembler manufactures, assembles, installs and adjusts the parts that make up the structure of an aircraft. He performs machining operations and riveting of composite materials.


Examples: fuselages, cockpits, wings, ailerons, landing gear doors, and engine mounts.




975 hours


Fees vary depending on the program chosen, the date of course and school materials.

Average salary


This program is offered in:

You must have one of the following prerequisites:

Hold a high school diploma (DES)
Be at least 16 years old and have successfully completed Secondary 4 courses in French, English and Mathematics or have recognition of equivalent learning

What are his main duties?

Using drawings, diagrams, templates and specialized tools, the structural assembler will assemble structural parts of aircraft.

This job is for you if…

  • You enjoy teamwork and problem solving
  • You are manually skilled, attentive, careful, persistent and organized
  • You have a sense of responsibility, observation and analysis

Workplace potential

  • Manufacturers of airplanes, helicopters and flight simulators
  • Companies specializing in the maintenance and repair of aircraft
  • Subcontractors specializing in the manufacture and assembly of parts