The cable assembler manufactures, installs, connects, and verifies, and they ensure quality control of wires and electric cables for aircraft. They then verify the continuity of the electric harness and correct problems detected.

Examples : Landing light flight instruments, radio systems and engine instrument displays.


Temporarily Unavailable


840 hours


Fees vary depending on the program chosen, the date of course and school materials.

Average salary

Between $12 and
$24 / hour

You must have one of the following prerequisites:

Hold a high school diploma (DES)
Be at least 16 years old and have successfully completed Secondary 4 in French, in English and in Mathematics or have recognition of equivalent learning.

What are his main duties?

The cable assembler manufactures and installs the electrical harnesses using assembly drawings, technical procedures and tools.

This job is for you if…

  • You like methodical work, teamwork and precision
  • You have a sense of responsibility, observation and analysis
  • You have excellent visual acuity (not recommended for colorblind people)

Workplace potential

  • Companies specializing in cabling, telecommunications and automation
  • Aircraft manufacturers and flight simulators

Temporarily Unavailable